And so it begins

I’ve been talking to several people I know about things that have been on my mind recently. It was suggested to me that perhaps I should write a blog. Bearing that in mind, I began to look at blog sites to do exactly that. It occurred to me that I already had the venue and it would also allow me the capabilities of sharing the beauty that I see in the world.

As I begin this leg of my journey, my thoughts are that if I can touch even a few with something I say, some joke I tell, or some picture I share, then I’ve succeeded in making the world a little brighter.

This blog will touch on many things, mainly because it will be a dumping ground for thoughts in my head. Don’t worry though, some of the scarier thoughts I’ll keep to myself…after all, we don’t want to cause anyone to have nightmares…lol.

I have a few ideas that I’m getting together for posts but I also have to come up with some witty catch phrase for the title. I’m sure it won’t take long and then we can fly.

In the meantime, live, love, and laugh whenever possible and know that even though the world around us may be bleak, sunshine can come from within. I look forward to spending time here and hope that you will come back often to visit.

Until next time….


About bluewolf

I'm on the second half of my life and wanted to do something I enjoy...
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